Economic Update - 4.15.22
Economic Update - 4.15.22

Featured topics:

  • Consumer Price Index
  • Producer Price Index
  • Commercial Property Price Index
  • Return-To-Normal: Shopping
  • Office to Apartment Conversions
  • Renter Migration Trends
  • The Construction Labor Market
  • Job Openings And Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS)
  • Cross-Border Investment
  • Tech Markets To Watch


• Consumer prices posted an 8.5% year-over-year increase through March, its fastest annual pace since December 1981, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Month-over-month, prices rose 1.2%.

• Energy continues to place the most upward pressure on prices, rising by 32.0% since March 2021. The impact of the Russia-Ukraine War and the ratcheting-up of Western sanctions on Russian oil exports in the past several weeks saw energy prices rise by 11.0% month-over-month in March— dwarfing recent months of data.

• Food prices for American consumers also continue to rise, posting a 1.0% rise for the secondconsecutive month. This threshold has only been reached twice since 1990— during the height of the Great Financial Crisis and at the pandemic’s onset in April 2020.

• Prices excluding food and energy have climbed by 6.5% over the past 12-months but saw a noteworthy slowdown in upward movement during March, rising by just 0.3% in the month after five-consecutive months of +0.5% increases