Economic Update - 8.20.21
Economic Update - 8.20.21

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A survey by Morning Consult that tracks employees’ appetite for returning to the office showed that sentiment has fallen in recent weeks, with only 55% of workers saying that they feel comfortable returning to the office. According to the report, the share had reached a high of 73% just three weeks ago.

The results reflect a growing concern among workers about the threat that the emerging Delta variant may have on a safe return to the workplace. Perceptions about traveling to work have played a significant part in the overall decline. The share of workers who feel comfortable traveling domestically for work has fallen from a pandemic-high of 48% on July 24th to 40% in the most recent survey—the lowest reading since early May.

Positive attitudes around remote work have also played a role in shaping worker sentiment and opinions on returning to the office. According to the report, 87% of employees enjoy working remotely, with 75% feeling that they are more productive while working remotely, and 72% saying they are more likely to apply for a job that offers remote work as an option.

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